We have all of your bulk marketing needs covered in one place. No matter what your goals are, we're confident that we have something that fits your situation perfectly. When it comes to email marketing, contextual prospects, and email lists, we are industry leaders and constantly stay on top of new technologies, ensuring you are provided the best conversions at the lowest cost. These are some of our packages:

Email Advertising
Our email marketing services offer the best return for your advertising dollar. Our Permission Direct technology allows us to reach open rates as high as 3%, meaning you reach as many people as possible. Creating your campaign is easy: design it and target it. That's all!
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Contextual Prospects
Contextual prospects are people who are specifically looking for content related to yours. These prospects are delivered directly to your website. Contextual prospects are highly effective because they are they are interested and engaged - before they even reach your site.
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Email Lists
Our well maintained, fresh, targeted email lists give you full control over your marketing needs, allowing you to manage your own contacts and mailings, customize your sending rates, and give you versitility in choosing your own mailer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered here, please call us at 1-866-647-1113, or use the "Live Chat" program on the "" page.

1.) How does drive traffic to my website?’s superior ADMagic technology generates and directs highly relevant traffic to your website. We leverage the power of permission based email marketing and contextual marketing to generate relevant and targeted traffic and direct this traffic to your website.

2.) How fast are orders processed? usually processes orders within 1 business day. At our first and foremost priority is to direct the most relevant and targeted traffic to your website and under no circumstances will we circumvent our quality control process to expedite delivery.

3.) Do you spam? Are you compliant with the Can Spam Act of 2003?

We absolutely do not spam. All prospects on our lists have opted-in to receive email advertisements from us. We comply with all the provisions of the Can Spam Act of 2003. Each and every email advertisement we send will list our company name, mailing address and have an unsubscribe link.

4.) How do I track my campaign performance?

Upon placing your order we will instantly create you an online account where you can check your statistics in real-time.

5.) Do you guarantee signups/sales?

Although we do not guarantee signups or sales, the feedback we hear from our customers has been nothing short of phenomenal. Over 95% of our customers place repeat orders with us.

6.) How do I cancel my recurring order?

When you order a traffic package at you may to choose to auto-renew your order. Email orders are auto-renewed on a weekly or a monthly basis and contextual prospect orders are auto-renewed upon fulfillment of the initial order. You can cancel your recurring order by logging in to your online account and selecting the pause option or you may simply send an email request at least one business day prior to your order renewal date to Note: You have the option to set your order as a one-time order during the ordering process. Terms and Conditions

7.) How do I change/alter my ad copy?

You can change/alter your ad copy by logging in to your online account and making the necessary modifications or you may simply send an email request at least one business day prior to your order renewal date to

8.) Why does my credit card statement show a payment made to GenerationX-Solutions Canada or

"GenerationX-Solutions Canada" is the Visa and Mastercard payment processor for TargetAudienceOnline, "" is the American Express payment processor for TargetAudienceOnline.

9.) How can I contact a company representative?

If you have additional questions feel free to contact a customer service representative by emailing or call 1-866-647-1113.

Add to your email provider's contact list, buddy list, white-list to ensure prompt delivery of all email communications.

10.) Do you accept payment in US Dollars?

Yes all transactions are processed in US dollars only.

11.) Why does my Google Analytics account provide different statistics than what I see when I log into my account on TargetAudienceOnline?

Google Analytics uses JavaScript tags to collect data. This industry-standard method yields reliable trends and a high degree of precision, but it's not perfect. Most of the time, if you are noticing data discrepancies greater than 10%, it is due to an installation issue. Common problems include JavaScript errors, redirects, untagged pages and slow client-side load times.

We mask your email links and redirect traffic to them. This is to protect you against spam complaints and to also enable us to track the clicks. The downside is that many tracking counters will not count redirected traffic because they cannot determine the source.

We suggest using for accurate tracking.

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